Company Profile

Introducing Shogakukan

Established: August 8. 1922
President: Masahiro Oga (founded by his grandfather, Takeo Oga)

Brief history:

Shogakukan Inc. was founded as a publishing house specializing in learning magazines that targeted elementary school children and teachers. The range of publications gradually expanded, to magazines for preschoolers, general magazines and books (such as picture books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias). It then gained distinction as one of the country's major publishers of manga comics. In 1959, began to issue Weekly Shonen Sunday, the first weekly manga magazine to be published by the company.
Thereafter, inaugurated a number of diverse manga magazines, targeting pre-adolescent boys and girls, teenagers, and adults. The year 1969 saw the birth of Doraemon, one of Japan's most famous cartoon characters, to be followed by a number of others, such as the Pokemon, Hamtaro, InuYasha, and Detective Conan. Shogakukan has also achieved success in the area of fashion and lifestyle magazines, with publications such as CanCam, Oggi, and BE-PAL. Shogakukan, which publishes 17 different manga magazines, sells (about) 120 million comic books a year, and publishes a number of other impressive publications in addition to manga, is one of Japan's major general publishing houses today.

Employees: 842

Of Shogakukan's 900 employees, 603 are in the editing division. The other employees are either in the managerial division (accounting and general affairs) or in the business division (business affairs, public relations and advertising). Shogakukan does not have its own printing department for printing and binding, therefore actual production is contracted out to outside parties.


Magazines: 64

Shogakukan publishes fifteen magazines for elementary school children, eleven teaching manual magazines, twenty-one general magazines and seventeen comic magazines. Forty-two are monthly, five are weekly, seven are biweekly and ten are published periodically.
Numbers of copies published per year: 290,000,000 Number of copies sold per year: 200,000,000

Books: 9,200

Number of copies published per year: 22,000,000 Number of copies sold per year: 17,500,000 New Title (yearly average) : 760
Shogakukan publishes numerous children's books but also publishes dictionaries and encyclopedias as well as books dealing with history, folklore, geography, literature, art, education, medicine, photography and gardening.

Comics Books (MANGA) : 13,900

Number of copies published per year: 117,000,000 Number of copies sold per year: 92,400,000 New Title (yearly average) : 980

Magazine Book: 850

These are referred to as "mooks" in Japan as they are a hybrid between magazines and books. They are distributed less frequently than a regular magazune.
Number of copies published per year: 3,400,000 Number of copies sold per year: 2,500,000 New Title (yearly average) : 120

DVDs, Videos, etc.: 4,000

Number of items made per year: 2,300,000 Number of items sold per year: 2,250,000 New Title (yearly average) : 320
Many animated works have been produced based on Shogakukan's comics, including a number of movies about Doraemon.

Total Sales:

Yearly average: 150 billion yen (approximately 1.4 billion US dollars)
This figure represents an 8% market share of the total publishing industry and ranks Shogakukan number three amongst publishing companies in Japan's.

Publishing Joint Ventures:

Shogakukan does business with major publishing companies in many different countries to create joint publications such as those described below.
Dictionaries : Random House for English, F.A. Brockhaus for German, Robert and Librairie Larousse for French, Garzanti Editor for Italian, Commercial Press (Beijing) for Chinese, Kum Sung Press for Korean and others.
General Illustrted Books : (mainly art, gardening and photography books) : Larousse, Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, Agostini, Bertelsmann, Harry N. Abrams Inc. and Creative Publishing.
Comics : in recent years approximately 400 publishing companies in Asia, the U.S.A. and Europe have been very active in the translation and publication of Shogakukan’s comic books.

The Shogakukan group has several overseas offices. Viz Media in San Francisco was founded in 1986, and has been successful in introducing Japanese comics to markets in North America. Shanghai Viz Communication Inc. was founded in 1995, and has been active in arranging for joint publications with Shogakukan and Chinese publishing companies.

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